Consumer Finance Options Will Build Your Client List

Get In Touch With More Customers with Consumer Finance Options

consumer finance optionsContractors can’t rely on expertise and artisanship alone to get more business. It takes proactive intentional marketing strategies like offering consumer finance options to help you increase business. How can you stand out among the pack? Here are a few tips:

Dig Into Your Old Data
If you have descriptions of work you did for clients five or 10 years ago, take a look at it because it could be a source for more work. A way to initiate this conversation is to call and tell them you’re updating customer records. This is your chance to talk about the work you did for them years ago and ask if they’re ready for another project.

Give Your Marketing Efforts a Recharge
Have you thought about social media and how it can boost your marketing efforts? Millions of people are heavily connected to several channels in the social media stream; so this is your chance to reach out to those in your region. Build a page that gives you a platform on which to talk about industry issues. Every now and then you can plug your business and offer discounts for those who mention they saw you on your social media page.

Push Your Referral Discounts
An effective method of gaining new business is to tell your current clients that they’ll get a discount with every referral they send your way. If you’re doing good work, your clients will feel compelled to tell their friends and family. If you offer them a discount for referring these people, they’re going to talk about your services and push their friends to give you a call.

Visit the Neighbors
You’re already in the neighborhood, and the homes are likely fairly similar, which means they could require the same type of work – talk to the neighbors about their needs. A way to initiate this conversation starts with a simple gesture of politeness – knock on their door and let them know you’ll be working nearby and that you’ll do everything you can to keep the noise down and the clutter to a minimum. Then, give them your card and offer them a free quote for any work they might require.

Offer Consumer Finance Options
Consumers today are accustomed to consumer finance options in just about every venue they spend money. From the dentist office to the veterinarian to vacation timeshares – they’re being offered consumer finance options that allow them to spend money in a way that suits their needs.

When you partner with us, you get connected to a financing option that will open the door to new business. Our services provide an avenue that gives your business a chance to flourish with new clients. Contact us today to find out more about The HELPcard.

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