Market Your Home Improvement Business With Low Monthly Payments

Projects Look More Appealing With Low Monthly Payments

low monthly paymentsAs a home improvement contractor, you may be too busy most of the time to implement complex marketing ideas. However, if you can include some easy strategies into your daily work, you can keep your pipeline full. Some, like making the most of your vehicle or offering low monthly payments with financing, have a great return on investment.

In order to market effectively without committing a lot of time to the project, consider these low-cost ideas for growing your business:

Maximize the Advertising Potential of Your Fleet

Many home improvement contractors miss this great opportunity to draw attention to their company. The sides of your vans and trucks are a giant marketing canvas, where you can sell your brand message. Don’t stop at just putting your name and phone number, as so many contractors do. Use color, images and text to maximize the impact. Don’t forget to keep your fleet sparkling clean, too. A dirty, poorly-maintained fleet will not help consumers associate your name with quality.

Get Friendly With the Neighborhood

If you are doing a project, take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the neighbors. If you tell someone you are working on a project the next street over, they may have a similar home that was built within the same time frame, with similar needs for repairs and projects. Another idea is to introduce yourself to the neighbors with a vibrantly-colored postcard, telling them that you are working in the area and you are available for free estimates.

Bring Your Track Record Along

People love a good story, and they love it all the better with pictures. Have a “mobile showroom” ready to demonstrate your work. Glossy before-and-after pictures can help your prospects visualize the difference you could make in their home. Carry examples of hardware so that prospects can see the quality of your craftsmanship. Make sure your pricing list is up-to-date, too.

Show off Your Finished Project

When you finish a project, show those same neighbors the before-and-after in a colorful postcard, or walk door-to-door and show them what you have done. Those with similar houses may suddenly see the potential for their own home and ask for an estimate based on these pictures.

Offer Low Monthly Payments With Financing

A huge deterrent for home improvement projects can be the cost. When you put the cost in terms of a low monthly payment, the project may be suddenly redefined as reasonable. While you never want to talk someone into a project they can’t afford, low monthly payments can help people get the home they want without waiting many years to save up the total amount.

The HELPcard gives you the solution your customers need to make their dreams a reality. A quick, online application is generally approved in minutes, giving you and your customer immediate information about financing for their home improvement project. Give us a call today to find out how The HELPcard can help you secure projects that might not otherwise be possible.

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