Earn Your Clients’ Trust With Flexible Financing Options

Financing Options Ease the Stress of Funeral Planning

financing optionsWhen your client walks in the door of your funeral home, they are not only grieving but feeling stressed about the number of decisions they need to make. From creating a service that reflects the family’s values to offering a variety of financing options, there are many ways that you can ease the stress that your clients may feel.

Learn who your clients are. One way to immediately earn a measure of trust with your clients is by focusing the conversation on who they are. Actively listen to what they say and allow them to express their needs. You have key information for them, but allow the conversation to flow naturally and you will be able to communicate the information they need in a way that does not seem pushy or cold.

Listen for the information you need, too. As your clients talk about what they would like, you will pick up cues about who they would like to include in the service and what the feel of the service should be.

Help them remember with a ritual. Did their loved one follow a particular team? Maybe they had a favorite song that many of the guests would recognize as a remembrance of their loved one. Creating a service around a particular theme can be a memorable way to celebrate a life. Small mementos can be handed out to guests as a way to remember the loved one, such as a favorite mini candy bar or a particularly beloved flower. Those speaking may benefit from a discussion of these favorites, because it often provides direction or a theme for the message they would like to share.

Ask them to tell stories. If you take time to listen to the stories of the family about their loved one, you will get a clearer sense of their wishes for the service. Help the family identify stories that are best for the service and offer guidance in telling the stories in a compelling way. When the family senses that you are invested in creating the best possible way to honor their loved one, you will gain their trust.

Offer financing options that ease the burden of saying goodbye. Particularly in the case of a sudden death, your clients may be feeling the added stress of financial worry. Remove this particular worry, and you can free your clients to focus on the sweet memories of their loved one. There is a variety of financing options for your clients that can help them feel more at ease about choosing the type of service they want for their loved one.

The HELPcard provides financing options that help remove the worry of paying for funeral services. Featuring a quick online application with approval in minutes, The HELPcard helps your clients access the service they want for their loved one. Your clients will appreciate the easy application and the low monthly payments that can make their preferences for the service within reach. Call The HELPcard today to find out more about how to make this option available to your clients.

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