Bring Consumer Financing Into Your Dental Practice Growth Strategy

Include Consumer Financing to Expand Your Business

consumer financingIt’s not uncommon for dentists to be so busy in their medicine that business strategies are overlooked. As a provider, you need to think about business growth if you want to make an impact on the health of more patients, and consumer financing is something that can assist in that growth.

Patients place value on the way they’re treated by everyone in the office, which means the bedside manner of the dentist down to the personalities of everyone in the front of the office has to be on point. A patient won’t return to an office where the staff has not been welcoming even if they’ve just received the best dental work available in the industry.

Building up your employees’ customer facing abilities is important, and it might require education on best methods through seminars or other channels. It represents an upfront cost but offers an amazing return on investment, especially when your patients talk you up to their friends and family, which is the number one influencer – better than any advertising you can buy.

It is also important to identify your specialty and really push that in your marketing efforts. Getting known in a niche area can really boost your profits. For instance, if you’re particularly adept at building veneers, market that in your social media pages through content that covers what makes a good veneer versus a bad veneer. This focus can really boost the number of people talking about your practice.

Scheduling is a major part of any dental practice. You need to stress to your patients the importance of their return visit for follow-up treatments. Booking a dentist appointment is not the first thing on the “want” list for most people, which means your ability to impress upon them the importance of their dental care in the scheme of their overall health has to be a priority.
Financing is also something consumers are looking for today. They find it around every corner at just about every business, so why should your dental practice be any different? It’s not something you should take on yourself – you need to find a reputable third party to mold a financing solution around the needs of you and your patients.

The best partners are non-traditional financiers because they can offer flexible financing to a wider array of consumers. For instance, non-prime consumers are often left out of the financing options with the banks and major credit cards. However, non-traditional lenders are willing to work with consumers with credit considered non-prime. The HELPcard is a company that offers dental practitioners and professionals in other industries a new avenue of growth. Contact us today and find out how our credit card program will work for you.

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