Consumer Finance Options Assist Consumers in Completing Outdoor Home Projects

With Consumer Finance Options You Can Increase Your Customerconsumer finance options Base

As the summer weather warms up, many home owners look forward to making outside improvements on their homes. But not all clients are able to fund these expenses with cash. Offering consumer finance options becomes an important part of your business plan as you look to increase your customer base this summer.

Getting Ready for Outdoor Activity

As a contractor, you’ve noticed that as the weather warms and consumers begin dreaming of hosting outdoor parties, an increased number of people are asking for a power washing of their deck, a new coat of stain, or an addition to the deck. Some homeowners find out too late that they are due for some upgrades, which is why you should consider putting it out there that you can do it quickly and efficiently.

Time to Put on Another Coat

Late spring through late summer is also prime time to put a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of the house or detached garage, or both. Most homeowners aren’t aware that their house paint needs to be replaced either every three to seven, or 10 to 15 years. There are several variables involved here, but the two biggest are the climate in which they live and the quality of paint they used. As a trusted professional, you can determine if your client is due for a new coat or if they might need one soon down the line.

Filling the Gaps

Warm weather is a good time to survey the exterior of a home to thoroughly search for holes and cracks that become a strain on the energy bill, especially during the cold winter months. Old caulk is often the culprit, which means you can pull the old product out and replace it with better quality caulk that will hold longer.

Improve Curb Value With Landscaping

Building infrastructure for new raised flower gardens, decorative terraces, or just ripping out old shrubs and replacing them with newer, hardier shrubs vastly improves the exterior of a home. There is no better time than in the summer to draw up some plans and present them to prospective clients.

Save Big on Energy Bills With New Windows

Older homes are notorious for their poorly constructed windows. They might be decorative and help define a period, but they’re also inefficient. Depending on the size of a home, the project could be quite costly. Many homeowners do a room or two at a time. If you have consumer financing options in place you can help them knock out a whole house in one project.

Partner With a Professional Financier

The HELPcard is an organization that specializes in giving companies like yours options for your clients. As an experienced professional, you know the main reason so many of your prospective clients say “no” to projects is because of cost. With financing from The HELPcard, you’ll give them a reason to say “yes”.

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