Third Party Financing Can Increase Conference Attendance

See the Best Results When You Offer Third Party Financing

Putting together live events takes a large amount of planning. You have to consider the venue, the amount of timethird party financing the conference will take, the date, the cost and many other factors. What more marketers are finding out today is that you also need to provide a third party financing component to the mix to see the best results.

It is the extra things that often entice people to sign up for your conference. For instance, you might include in your invitation a link to a free report that will be of value to your prospective attendees. Make your conference a little extra special by offering a reception or party after the keynote speakers. You might even consider a pre-conference contest that awards a special prize to winners at some point during the conference.

If your conference is a multi-day event, you should consider entertainment that everyone will enjoy. Perhaps an open mic night or some other form of entertainment such as a live musical guest would be suitable for your crowd. While the content of your conference is what most executives will be looking at when they consider sending employees your way, they’ll also see the entertainment piece as something their employees will value.

Be careful when planning your conference that there hasn’t been something similar offered in your region within the past several months. Companies aren’t going to be willing to spend money on something similar to what their employees just attended. On that note, make sure there aren’t other events planned on the same date as your conference that would be a distraction.

Selecting the right venue is also paramount to success. For instance, a multi-day event should be scheduled at a hotel that has enough conference rooms to suit your needs as well as rooms available for your guests to stay overnight. Restaurants with banquet rooms are a good choice for single-day, short events.

As you finalize your conference plans, you want to make sure to utilize multiple channels to spread the word. Advertise on social media, in local publications and in trade publications. Send out personal newsletters and consider a widespread email campaign. You can even get your conference in a viral loop by asking your contacts to send your message out to at least five other people who will be interested.

Third party financing is another must-do for a solid attendance list. When you’ve booked speakers that your prospective attendants know they’re going to get something out of, they’ll want to know there are financing options available to them. Whether it’s an individual booking their registration or a company executive signing up their entire staff, having that third party financing component can help them with the cost of the event.

The HELPcard has helped many organizations boost their conference attendance by offering them a solution that includes low monthly payment plans. Our easy financing options for both prime and sub-prime consumers are a hit with companies seeking to offer their target market a conference that boosts their brand. For more information about how we operate, Contact us today.


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