Happy National Entrepreneurs’ Day

On Entrepreneurs’ Day we would like to salute our CEO, T. Warren Center, DMD the founder of Dent-A-Med, Inc. in 1983 (d.b.a. The HELPcard).  Together with local businessmen and fellow entrepreneurs, Dr. Center had the vision and drive to create the first Healthcare Credit Card in the nation as a result of wanting a better way for his patients to pay for their services at his dental practice.  Thirty-one years later, the company continues to offer patient financing in dental and healthcare but has grown into many consumer financing arenas as well.

The over 100 employees who work for Dent-A-Med, Inc. today are still enjoying the entrepreneurial spirit that has made this an awesome company to work for even through the Great Recession and increased credit card regulations stemming from The Card Act of 2009.  We have Dr. Center to thank for his brilliant mind and desire to create a better solution to consumer financing that changes as the financial landscape of our country changes.

When asked what drives him as an entrepreneur, Dr. Center responded; “Entrepreneurship is accepting the challenge of following a dream.  The commitment necessary to be successful cannot be underestimated.  It tests your vision, organizational and management skills, and many times your ability to raise and manage capital.  The risks are great but the rewards, both monetary and self-worth lead many down the road.  Few make it to the successful end of the journey, but those who are gifted with leadership and accept the challenge will be role models for the youth of today”.

Today, on Entrepreneurs’ day take a moment to thank an Entrepreneur that has impacted your life.  Everyone in the corporate offices at Dent-A-Med, Inc. are sure to thank our role model; T. Warren Center, DMD.

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