Merchants Boost Sales with Easy and Fast Financing

More merchants of all sizes are discovering the power of providing affordable financing solutions to their customers Traditionally associated with big box retailers, financing is now available to smaller merchants who can offer promotional programs, fast credit decisions, and low monthly payments to consumers, while enjoying low fees and quick funding for themselves.

Consumers Get Affordable Payment Options When They Need It Most

Affordable financing enables consumers to purchase services and products they really need and otherwise might not afford. Financing solutions may include zero down, deferred interest plans, and reduced interest plans, along with low monthly payments and personalized account service.

Smart Small Business Marketing

Business owners are looking to financing solutions like those offered by The HELPcard for help marketing to wider audiences and expanding their customer bases.  Customers are more likely to buy when financing is available, creating opportunities for retailers to not only upsell products but also increase average purchase price at the moment of sale. In addition to providing merchants with these flexible financial solutions HELPcard’s higher approval rates can expand a merchant’s customer base even more. With HELPcard’s free online training for merchant staff, and experienced Account Managers to assist with questions and financing needs, offering HELPcard to consumers is a win-win for the merchant and consumer.

 Michael Garrity, CEO and co-founder of consumer financing platform Financeit, talked to Business News Daily recently about the importance of financing as a smart small business marketing tactic. “Not only has financing been known to reduce a company’s overall marketing budget, but new technology means these tools are more affordable than ever,” Garrity said. “Turning large purchases into manageable monthly payments widens the audience of consumers that can afford products, all with little or no cost to the vendor.”

 In the Business News Daily article Garrity offered three tips for small retailers looking to grow and boost their sales:

1.            Offer financing plans for expensive goods

2.            Leverage monthly payments to drive upgrades

3.            Discount cost of payment, not prices

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For more information about TheHELPcard financing solutions and how to widen your audience and expand your customer base visit , call 877-834-0550 or email

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