Don’t be afraid of Patient Financing, Be Smart!

For your patient, figuring out how to navigate through the various payment options in your office is a confusing route at times. With the nation’s changes in insurance coverage and the continuation of underemployment; Americans are finding fewer options for payment arrangements these days.

There are many benefits to using a private label credit card to finance medical procedures and other expenses they may incur. With the government mandated changes to Consumer Finance, credit card companies that are compliant with these regulations are the best option for your office. Such companies can offer you the assurance of providing your patient the safest and most user-friendly way to pay for their treatment.

Using a line of credit from a private label credit card company not only helps consumers make lower monthly payment, but it also helps them build a healthier credit history. Having a good payment history with a line of credit shows responsibility and could allow credit scores to rise. Good credit is the basis for most large purchases and building your credit is one of the most important tasks in maintaining finances.

When researching third party private label options that are right for your client, make sure you understand how the program works so that you are giving the consumer the correct information. Check the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to ensure that the companies that you are researching are addressing complaints and are a safe option for your business and your consumers.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more – building and maintaining a good credit history is vitally important in today’s market.

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