National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day 2014

It’s the dead of winter, the clothes you were given are not sufficient enough to keep you warm, and only barely sufficient enough to keep covered. The current roof you have over your head is a train car filled with the company that has become like brothers. Eye contact is the only communication that is made because words require too much energy and the thoughts are the same from person to person, car to car. The blisters on your feet hurt, but not as much as the growing frost bite on the once pink and plump toes that would be sitting comfortably in the government issued boots given to you your first day as a U.S. Soldier. These boots are now keeping the toes warm of the person that stuffed you and the remainder of the company in the train car.

This story is one similar to those stories of many that were captured in various wars fought throughout America’s history. Today is National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, proclaimed by The White House and President Barak Obama. “Since the earliest days of our Republic, the brave men and women of our Armed Forces have answered the call to serve,” wrote President Obama in an official release from The White House.” “They have put their lives on the line for our Nation, and many have sacrificed their own freedom to safeguard ours. On National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, we honor those who stood up, took an oath, put on the uniform, and faced immeasurable challenges far from home.”

These brave men and women have been put through so much, all so we can retain our freedom. Please take the time to honor a Veteran today, and if you know a Former Prisoner of War, take the time to honor them today. Hear their stories, remember them, and hold them dear. History was written on the backs of these individuals and stories were meant to be told.

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