What Marketing Trends Will You Track This Year?

3 Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2017marketing strategy

With the success of e-commerce businesses, you may wonder if all consumers are fast and furiously ready to drop shopping at their local brick and mortar stores. However, according to TimeTrade, a customer engagement company, roughly 85 percent of consumers say they would prefer going to their local store rather than ordering products online. If this is more than just marketing trends, you need to give consumers a reason to come into your store.

The Aesthetic Trend

Consumers are increasingly more aware that the designs of their favorite shops have an aesthetic uniqueness and appeal. Anyone who has walked into an Apple store has experienced this. Apple has embraced an elegant design that is imprinted on everything from the small Magic Mouse to their massive storefronts around the globe. The brand aesthetic is important to Apple, and it should also be important to you as the trend in 2017 is for more organizations to deliver a cross-channel customer experience with an engineered flow that enhances the shopping experience.

Embrace Technology

Your target audience is becoming more in-tune with technology. In fact, they rely on it more and more every day. From optimizing your website for mobile use – to more advanced options, like integrating virtual reality into your buying experience, no technological stone should be left unturned.

For instance, virtual reality and augmented reality have taken many leaps forward recently, which means more companies will use this technology to make sales in 2017. It’s becoming more refined and affordable, so that even small businesses can use it in pop-up displays to enhance the shopping experience. The power is in the way it stimulates the audio and visual senses. Some retailers, like Lowes, have taken it a step further and take their customers into a more immersive experience with their “Holoroom,” which allows users to walk through a full scale virtual room that they want to build.

Consumer Financing

If you take a look around you you’ll notice that consumer financing is everywhere. It’s a trend that has been developing for some time and continues to play an important part in drawing customers to your store. Working with a third party lender, companies small and large are taking advantage of the perks given to them when they sign up for a consumer financing program. This includes a heightened sense of loyalty from consumers who prefer to take their business to organizations that offer more ways to pay at the checkout counter.

At The HELPcard, we tailor our programs to fit our clients. Working with business owners in a number of industries, we have a broad range of solutions that benefit our clients and their customers. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to get you on board with the consumer financing trend that is here to stay.

Adjust Your Strategy and Bring in Patient Financing to Improve Profits

See How Patient Financing Can Entice More Business

patient financingIf you’re seeing little to no growth in your business, it may be time to take a look at your strategy. What can you do to jump-start your dental practice? Let’s take a look at how you can update your growth plan and the benefits patient financing can bring to your updated strategy.

You’re first focus should be on production. You probably have a long list of patients who have come in once or twice, or maybe were regulars for years, but they’ve since become inactive. Reach out to these people and explain to them how important a regular dental hygiene session is to their dental health. Work on getting them back in for an appointment. This may be an untapped resource that can get you back into the growth column quickly.

It’s not unusual for waste to be an issue with a dental practice. In fact, most businesses, regardless of the industry, can recoup losses by paying closer attention to fairly mundane aspects of doing business. For instance, look at your utility bills and costs associated with telephone usage and internet services. Compare them with what other vendors are offering and see if you can save.

A more careful review of all your purchases will help you determine which ones are unnecessary. Do you have a storage closet that contains valuable supplies? Regularly clean out these areas to make sure you’re not hoarding inventory. Finally, if you have loans that are high interest, now is the time to refinance because interest rates on loans right now are low.

Try reaching out to more potential clients by using social media. This is an inexpensive form of marketing that can be quite effective. Put someone who is social media savvy on the task. Make sure they have the right content, which means you need to work on being informative to your followers and not push your business in an overtly self-promoting way.

When you utilize social media channels, you can promote contests and events that are fun for your followers. You can also use these platforms to inform the public about new treatments that can improve the dental health of everyone from children to senior citizens. Don’t forget to be personable in some of your posts. Let the public get to know what you and your team are all about. This creates more trust and a sense of community that is important in establishing long-term relationships.

Patient financing has also become vitally important to many dentists. When you offer patient financing, you’ll have a larger number of patients accepting treatments that you recommend. Not all insurance companies will cover all of your treatments, which means they’re paying for it out of pocket, and that can be stifling for most budgets. When you offer patient financing, your patients can get the treatment they need now and make low monthly payments later.

At The HELPcard, we have worked with many dentists to provide them with patient financing programs that are built around their specific needs. If you have a percentage of patients who are considered sub-prime in their credit rating, don’t worry – we work with prime and sub-prime applicants. Contact us today and let’s get your practice back on the right track.

A Marketing Strategy to Improve Sales

Include Consumer Financing in Your Marketing Strategy to Boost Business

marketing strategyAre you finding business has slowed down during this first quarter of the year? Traffic, which was heavy during the holiday, has likely tapered off and sales dropped? It’s time to consider shaking up your marketing strategy and trying something new to boost business, including bringing consumer financing into the mix.

Your consumers need to be convinced that they need to come to your store. To combat this, make your store a destination. Some business owners have found success in this arena by going online. Consumers do a lot of research online before they come to your store to make a purchase. Go to them with special offers, like an online coupon that they can only use at your store.

Another way to make your business a destination and pull more consumers in is to host special events. For instance, if you’ve got the space, offer a class once a month that is relevant to the products you carry. For instance, a health food store could bring in a guest speaker, such as a nutritionist, and offer guidelines to healthy eating. Find specialists in your industry and set up some speaking engagements or classes.

Customers love it when they feel appreciated. Even if they haven’t been to your store in a while, you’ve probably got contact information on them. Send them an email offering them a discount off all merchandize for one weekend. This can boost loyalty ratings and provide your customers a renewed interest in your brand, which can lead to an upswing in business.

Take advantage of the holidays by building a themed sale around each of them. Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Fourth of July – get creative and drive more customers into your shop with exciting marketing outreach and sales on special items.
Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overtly sales oriented. For instance, giving your customers more options in how they pay for their items can be a solid move with your new marketing strategy. Consumer financing is a great tool for bringing in new customers and holding on to them longer.

Bring in a professional to set up a custom program for you and leave all the work to them. We know that consumers today prefer to shop where they can finance their purchases. They want options available to them for the purchases they want to make, including low monthly payment options and instant credit.

At The HELPcard, we can build a program around your needs. Our clients use our solutions in their marketing strategies, and it works. Contact us today and let’s talk about setting you up with a way to improve your business.

Retail Strategies for Better Business

Have You Added Consumer Financing as Part of Your Retail Strategies?

retail strategiesAs a brick and mortar retailer, you may feel that is increasingly challenging to compete against online retailers. However, consumers continue to value their in-store experiences, if they are positive ones. You might have the best products at a fair price, but if there is something lacking in your store, such as adequate customer service, your target audience might go elsewhere, including online. Your retail strategies must continually be updated to effectively market to your target audience.  Here are a few important pieces of your retail strategy:

Hire Wisely

Nothing will more negatively affect a customer’s experience than poor customer service. Retail strategies that include a thorough hiring process and quality training can make a significant difference for your business. You should fully vet your job applicants to ensure they have what it takes to assist your customers and ensure they are happy and want to come back for more business later.

Tracking Technology

Are you keeping an eye out for the latest technology to improve your customers’ retail experience? Try equipping your employees with POS devices that allow them to check out a customer from anywhere in your store. Have you ever bought anything at an Apple store? Notice there is never a line of people waiting to check out. Instead, one of their many employees will take care of you where you’re standing. If crowds are an issue at your store, consider technology that can assist you.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Window displays aren’t a dead concept. In fact, you can pull in pedestrian traffic by focusing on your window displays. Keep changing out your displays on a regular basis for maximum effect. Never let a display sit so long that it collects dust and loses its appeal. Think of your sidewalk facing windows as advertising space and watch new customers file in.

Go Digital

You’ve probably heard that consumers today will research a product using the Internet before they make a purchase, and perhaps even before they come to your store. Make sure your website is full of useful and easy-to-find content that will assist consumers as they educate themselves on your products. Also, be sure to optimize your site for mobile. People spend more time on the Internet using their mobile phones than they do at home on a desktop or laptop. Finally, be sure to make it easy for users to find your phone number. They should be able to touch it and call you.

Offer Consumer Financing

Consumers love to have options when it comes to paying for a product, which is why you need to partner with a third party to build a financing program. When faced with the decision to choose a retailer that offers financing against one that doesn’t, consumers today are picking the retailer with financing.

At The HELPcard, we have years of experience assisting retailers of all kinds. Contact us today and let’s talk about your retail strategies and how consumer financing will help you.

Financing Options Are a Perfect Fit for Your Marketing Strategy

See Your Business Objectives Met With Financing Options

financing optionsHave you been reluctant to get an effective marketing strategy rolling due to fear that it will cost too much? Perhaps it’s just a lack of marketing experience that’s keeping you from trying to market your business, your brand, and achieve greater profits? There are a number of marketing moves you can make that aren’t too complex, including the prospect of offering financing options to your customers.

Before you can implement a strategy, you need to know what your business is all about, where it stands against its competitors, how it’s unique, and who your target audience is. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you when you create content for your marketing channels, which include blogs, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – whichever ones are the best fit for your target audience), e-newsletters, email and other marketing channels that help you get the word out about your brand.

Not all business owners will have the time or energy to devote to this task. Make sure you assign these duties to a tech-savvy employee who will relish in putting the word out about your brand. You can also consider hiring a marketing company to assist you so you can focus your time on other aspects of your business.

Another marketing nugget you can investigate involves financing options for your customers. The reason this is a marketing topic is because consumers today are looking to do business with brands that offer financing. They want more control over how they spend their money, and having a chance to make a purchase and pay low monthly installments on consumer financing is something that is important to today’s customers. When you develop marketing content, include that you offer financing options to bring in new customers and keep current customers coming back.

The goal of most marketing strategies is to put the word out about the brand, inform consumers about your brand, bring more customers into your store and develop loyalty, which equates to return business. The experience of other business owners proves that when consumer financing becomes an option, loyalty improves among customers and they return time and again for more business.

If you’re looking for a partner to set up your consumer financing program, contact The HELPcard today. We’ve assisted business owners in many industries with a customized program that achieves many of the objectives they have for the future of their company. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we’ll approach your customized financing program.

What Can Patient Financing do For Your Practice?

The Strengths of Patient Financingpatient financing

Are you seeing between 24 and 50 new patients every month? If the answer is no, then how can you change your marketing strategy to increase the number of new patients coming through your door? With a new marketing strategy and patient financing, you can start seeing immediate results.

Build Your Strategy

To develop your marketing strategy, you have to know what separates you from other practices in your region. Write down a list of strengths and weaknesses. You can usually count on past patient experiences to nail this down. It’s important to be as honest as possible because with a comprehensive list, you’re going to build a better marketing strategy.


Think about where your growth will come from. Are you introducing new technology that you can market to potential customers? Are you adding another dentist to your staff? Are you going to start focusing on more cosmetic procedures? Furthermore, when you look forward to the coming months, is there anything that will threaten business, like the economy or a nearby business shutting its doors. These could affect your current patients and lead to a decline in numbers.


Make sure that you include in your marketing strategy a patient referral program that rewards current patients for bringing new business your way. This works well for dentists that offer it because it makes your current patients feel valued, and they love the chance to save a little money on their next procedure. Furthermore, when your patients tell their friends about you, that type of referral really motivates them because it’s coming from a trusted source.


Another method of improving your flow of patients into your practice is to take a look around at what your competition is doing and do it better. For instance, if you blindly put up an advertisement for $100 off teeth whitening treatments, yet the overall price is still higher than your competition, you’re going to lose money on that advertisement. You need to differentiate yourself, and the way to do that is to know what others are offering.

Patient Financing

One thing you most certainly cannot leave out of your strategy is patient financing. Insurance will only cover a portion of your patients’ bill (or none at all), which is why many of them will decline treatment that they need. Many can make low monthly payments when patient financing is available to them. It’s something that more and more practices are doing today so don’t be left behind.

At The HELPcard, we specialize in assisting practices just like yours with patient financing. Contact us today and let’s begin building a customized solution for you and for your patients.

HELPcard Looks at How to Expand Your Customer Base With Online Marketing

Make the HELPcard Part of Your Medical Spa Marketing Strategy

HELPcardAn estimated 90 percent of medical spa customers inform themselves about which spa they’ll choose via online resources. That’s a persuasive statistic that should get you thinking about how to improve your online marketing in 2017. HELPcard is poised to be part of that solution by assisting you with a consumer financing program that you can market to potential customers.

Social media continues to be a marketing powerhouse. You’re probably already investing in social media marketing to some degree. You need to increase your social media efforts even more in 2017 because most consumers are on their smartphones and their favorite social media platforms continually, giving you ample opportunity to market wisely to them. Is your target audience more likely to respond well to Twitter or Facebook? Perhaps Pinterest is the choice for many of your clients? Start fine tuning your message to them on their preferred platform and watch your brand engagement rates improve.

Update your website. Your target audience might find out about you through social media, but at some point they’re going to want to further their knowledge about you through your website. Make sure your website is modernized, loads quickly, is easy to navigate and includes all the information anyone would need to fully inform themselves. It’s also vitally important that your website is mobile friendly.

Use positive reviews to influence new clients. The influence reviews have on consumers is massive. When someone posts something positive about your spa; put it out there for your potential clients to see. If your clients tell you that their quality of life has improved thanks to your services, kindly request that they post those comments to your social media page(s). You can get a lot of marketing mileage out of such reviews, and it costs you nothing.

Will you focus on paid advertising or will you utilize more organic methods of attracting business? Paid advertising is highly effective when executed correctly. However, once your run is over, your presence has disappeared. However, when you invest the time it takes to market your company through vehicles like SEO, excellent customer service, referral programs and other areas that involve developing relationships, you’re going to see a long-term marketing advantage. Using a mixture of paid advertising and long-term marketing is a smart move to consider in 2017.

Offering customer financing will continue to pull more clients in. Businesses that offer options when it comes time to pay the bill are engaged in a customer service strategy that is highly effective. Consumer financing gives a boost to many industries, including medical spas. Instead of opting out of services that exceed your clients’ reach financially, when they have access to consumer financing they’ll say “yes” to those services and make low monthly payments. This is the kind of customer service that The HELPcard can help you give to your clients. Furthermore, it’s a great marketing strategy that you can use in 2017 and beyond. Contact us today and let’s discuss a customized program for your medical spa.