Consumer Financing for Increasing Your Bottom Line

Hot Tips on How to Market, Include Consumer Financing

consumer financingAs a small business owner, you have to make tough decisions on how to budget your advertising and marketing dollars, which is why it’s important to do everything you can to maximize the things you can do that cost little or nothing. Offering the option of consumer financing is one such action you can take that pulls in more consumers. Here are other top small business marketing tips to consider:

1. Email Marketing
Using email to reach possible customers has been a tradition for more than a decade for small business owners. Email can be a powerful promotional tool for retailers of all kinds, especially if you have a quality lead list of prospective consumers. A Texas-based marketing company call OutboundEngine states that for every dollar you invest in email marketing, you can expect $44.25 in return.

To maximize your email marketing outcomes, be sure to manage your email list and segment it to convey more personalized messages that impact your customers and motivate them to buy. Make it easier on yourself by using any automated tools available to you. As you make these changes in your email marketing strategy, you’ll see improved customer retention.

2. Step up Your Ad Game
One of the best way to see fast results is through bought advertising and promotions. For instance, you could push a pay-per-click ad campaign to see near instant results. To get the most out of these ads, you have to be able to test which ones are working best for you. When see the value that one has over others, invest heavily there and you’ll see a better return on investment.

3. Content Marketing is Key
The goal of content marketing is to put out information that educates the customer base and empowers them with the information they need to make smart purchases.

You can use content to make your product detail page on your website more helpful. You can also use content in the form of instructional videos in a “how to” section. You can promote these videos on your social media pages to bring more traffic to your website. Finally, develop a blog and offer quality content through your website. This content about your industry can also be promoted through your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

4. Consumer Financing
More and more small business owners are realizing that if they want to attract new business, they have to be more customer-centric. One way to accomplish this is to give customers options in how they pay for your products/services. When you offer consumer financing, you will find that your customer retention rates will climb, you’ll see more brand loyalty out of your customers, and you’ll see a spike in profits.

It’s important to partner with a financier that can offer financing to consumers with A, B and C credit. At The HELPcard, we cater to a wide range of consumers, assuring our clients that they can reach out to consumers that want to do business with them. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we will impact your consumers and your bottom line.

Target the Millennial Generation With Financing Options and a Personalized Experience

Financing Options and a Targeted Shopping Experience

financing optionsMillennials bring many unique habits to the consumer landscape and the impact they have on the economy is big.  For instance, this generation, also called “Gen Y”, has caused homeownership rates to drop to their lowest levels since 1965 due to their inclination to rent rather than buy. There is a lot to learn about this generation, including their preference for financing options when they make purchases. Is your business ready to serve them?

The Baby Boomers, once the largest generation, are now outnumbered by the Millennials, so the power they wield with their dollars is growing. Millennials are loyal to their brands, but they also expect those brands to earn that loyalty. This is forcing organizations to be more customer-centric than ever before.

Millennials are the most digitally connected generation ever. They are massive social network users and know how to customize their digital interfaces. Are you giving them that ability to customize? One way to do that is to offer financing options so they have more than one way to make a purchase, online or in-store.
Is your website informative and well designed?  Whether it’s a product or a service, consumers are doing their research online and looking for everything from product descriptions to buyer reviews. They are also carefully weighing the price and quality of the product and/or services you offer. It is important that your website provide the quality of content they are searching for.

Could consumers be more influenced to make a purchase if financing options are available to them? When it comes to walking away with a product today and making low monthly payments over time, more consumers are making that purchase. Some of your items might be out of the price range of some consumers. It might be too expensive for them to justify a purchase straight out of their checking account, but if that cost is spread over several months, it suddenly becomes a possibility.

It’s important to reach out to a third party to offer you customized financing programs that will benefit you and your customers. Choose one that can offer financing to consumers with A, B and C credit. Also, choose a financier that offers an easy application process. When you do everything you can to make it easier for your customers, you’ll be rewarded with customer loyalty and larger purchases.

The HELPcard is providing clients with the financing options they’ve been looking for in their effort to reach out to more Millennials. We are giving you the tools to allow for more customization among your consumer base. Contact us today and let’s talk about the financing solution we will build for you and your customers.

Patient Financing for Orthodontists

patient financingPatient Financing Can Bring in New Patients

As an orthodontist, you offer services that provide patients with a better quality of life. You know who your target audience is, you just need to find them and let those people know about the services you provide. There are a number of marketing methods you can use today to pull in more patients, and one of them is patient financing.

Familiarize Yourself With Area Dentists

Referrals are the cheapest way to pull in new patients. The best way to get referrals is to get to know area dentists who can suggest your services to patients that require them. However, like any relationship, you need to ease your way into asking the dentists to refer patients to you. It takes tact and timing, and if you do it right, you’ll never have to ask. Just build a professional relationship with these people and prove to them that you’re a good doctor and that their patients will be in good hands with you.

Offer Current Patients Incentives

While it comes at a cost, when you give patients a break on their bill for referring new patients, that cost can pay for itself and then some. Let all of your patients know that if they influence anyone to come in to you for your services, they will get a $50 (make up your own incentive) off their invoice. If they aren’t already impressed enough by your services to talk you up to friends and family, the discount should do the trick.

What Makes You Different?

Look around at what other orthodontists are doing to market themselves and do something different. Furthermore, look at what services they offer and compare that to what you’re doing. Do you see an area where you stand out? That should be played upon heavily in your marketing and advertising.

Another way to stand out is to make improvements that have nothing to do with your medical expertise. For example, is your waiting room a decade behind in the décor area? Upgrade your furniture and fixtures. Put new paint on the walls. Put in some high definition televisions and better reading material.

Think Outside the Office

Get involved with the community. Whether it’s volunteering your time on local social service boards or sponsoring a sports team – get some face time in with the community so you’re more than just a number in the Yellow Pages.

Offer Patient Financing

Many of your services aren’t covered by insurance so without financing options your prospective patients may decide against any recommended treatment.

When you have patient financing, the services that seemed an impossibility suddenly becomes possible. They make low monthly payments and get the treatment they need today.

The HELPcard has years of experience working with orthodontists. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can assist you and your patients.

Improve Customer Service With Financing Options

financing optionsFinancing Options: Putting Power in the Hands of Consumers

There is always time to take a fresh look at the way you approach customer service, because those who are getting it right are constantly finding new ways to prove to clients that they are important. There are a number of methods business owners are using to accomplish this, including offering financing options.

Speed of Service

Our world today moves at a hectic and fast pace. The speed at which you deliver your products or services is therefore quite important in the eyes of the customer. For those who don’t value the speed at which they serve their customers, the often used phrase goes: “do you want it today or do you want it done right?” While some niche markets can get away with that, the majority of businesses can’t.

Think about speed like FedEx and Amazon do – speed, to these companies, IS quality. For instance, Amazon Prime members get their packages delivered in two days. That’s a major perk for consumers who value the quickness of their online shopping deliveries.

Sharing Customer Experiences

Everyone seems to be connected thanks to the many apps and online forums where customer experiences can be shared. Having that constant connectivity allows consumers to educate themselves before making a purchase. They’re not only researching Yelp reviews – they’re also going directly to your site to glean all the information they possibly can.

Furthermore, they’re actually gaining customer experiences before they’re ever become a paying customer. Consider the various eyeglasses retailers who have online sites where you upload a picture of yourself and “try on” virtually any pair of glasses you want. Tools like this give consumers more power and better assurances that the products they’re interested in are actually a good fit.

Financing Options

If the focus of all profitable businesses is offering the customer what they want, then it’s important to note that consumers today are gaining access to financing options at nearly every place they do business.

Spas, healthcare providers, even funeral homes are offering financing options today, and for good reason. When consumers have access to financing, they’re more willing to become return customers. In many cases, it’s the financing aspect of your business that allows them to make a purchase in the first place. Rather than spend their money in one lump sum payment, consumers today prefer to make low monthly payments.

Offering consumer financing proves to consumers that you care about how they do commerce. It gives them what they’re looking for, and they return the favor with loyalty to your brand.

The HELPcard is a company that works with each individual client on a customized financing program that fits the needs of the consumer and the needs of the business. Since 1983, we have assisted prime and near-prime consumers in purchasing goods and services. We’ve also been helping our clients earn higher profits. Contact us today and let’s discuss a program that will work for you.

Offer Patient Financing for Your Medical Spa as You Focus on a Better Patient Experience

Improve Your Payment Options With Patient Financing

patient financingAs a spa service provider, you know that your guests expect to be pampered and doted upon once they walk through your doors. While your technicians might have the best hands-on techniques in the industry, it takes more than that to totally pamper your guests. The latest procedures and spa products are important, so too are the other perks you offer, like patient financing.

If you really want to increase the profits at your spa, consider these tips:

  • Utilize Your Space
    Are areas that you’ve designated for specific treatments proving to be underutilized? What might have been all the rage years ago may have been replaced with something else, which means it’s time for you to rethink your services and the space you’re dedicating to each service.
  • Develop Promotions
    Want to see a sudden uptick in sales? Offer your customers a last-minute deal on your services via an email blast or text message. You can also put it out there on your social media pages, such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Manage Inventory
    Part of making more profit is reducing costs. Inventory is an often-overlooked place where money is going to waste sitting in your storage room or even on your shelves. Closely monitor which products are selling and which are not, and better utilize the space for something else.
  • Overhaul Your Menu
    You need to understand how much you’re dedicating to labor with each of the services you offer and know exactly where your profit margin is. Develop a strategy that allows you to book more of your high-end services that offer you a better margin on profits. Also, make sure your technicians know how to deliver upgrade opportunities to clients.
  • Dote on Employees
    Your greatest asset is your workforce. A happy workforce turns out happy patients. To truly make them happy, you need to develop a reward strategy. When they do something that exceeds the day-to-day expectations, compensation is appropriate. This will help you retain the best employees for longer periods of time.
  • Patient Financing
    Think about all the places you go in your typical shopping experience. How many of them offer financing? Most of them. The reason so many businesses have opened up a financing opportunity is because it helps customers. Instead of paying out of pocket, they can choose low monthly payments.

Look for a financier that can offer patient financing that will impact the bulk of your target audience. The best financiers will cater to prime and near-prime consumers, which means most of your client base will be eligible for patient financing.

The HELPcard is a financier that specializes in working with medical spas just like yours. Our solutions are flexible and are customizable to each unique client. Contact us today and let’s talk about your needs and the needs of your patients. Together, we can come up with a plan that will make your patients happy while expanding your profits.

Consumer Financing Helps to Close the Deal

Cater to Your Customers With Consumer Financing

consumer financeBusiness owners today are working to pull in more customers while also trying to retain their current customers, and one of the best ways to do that is to create a customer experience. Consumer financing is increasingly becoming one method of boosting the customer experience.

Among the trends affecting how business owners cater to their target audience includes recognizing and acting upon the fact that consumers are part of an experience economy. This means that as a retailer you can’t sit back and rest on your product offerings – you have to make consumers want to come to your store. You have to offer your target audience an impactful experience.

Online shopping has created a whole new market for consumers. While you may be benefiting from this by creating an online store of your own, you also have to do everything in your power to personalize the in-store experience. In fact, a survey by Infosys found that nearly 80 percent of customers would come back to a retailer if they have been touched by personalized offers.

To get an idea of how tough it is to compete with other businesses, take a look at what online shops like Amazon are offering – free shipping with a Prime membership; seemingly endless varieties of products; discounts on subscription items – the bar is set high. What can your organization do to match these perks? While it’s just about impossible to match all of them, there are many improvements that can be made to cater to a wider variety of consumers.

One way to find out what your target audience wants is to get involved in business analytics research. The organizations that have done their research are able to reach consumers, becoming cognizant of what they want without even having to ask them. The thing is, most consumers know that their favorite retailers already know this. Don’t stay behind the curve – start informing yourself on the wants and needs of your target audience.

Consumers have also come to expect consumer financing anywhere they do business. This is more than just a trend. Businesses ranging from funeral homes to veterinarians to retailers are offering consumer financing because of all the benefits it brings to them. When consumers know they can opt for a low monthly payment instead of handing over the total amount for the item or service they buy, they are more likely to come to your business.

Another benefit of offering consumer financing is that items that might be a little out of the price range for the average buyer will suddenly become an option to purchase. The HELPcard can assist your business with financing options today. Let’s discuss the needs of your customers and customize a financing solution that will be perfect for them and profitable for you.

Financing Options Can Lead to Increased Business for Your Remodeling Business

Bring in More Customers With Financing Options

financing optionsWith Americans spending $150 billion a year on home improvement projects, as a contractor you certainly have great potential to stay busy throughout the year. However, how can you do more to get your name out there to potential clients, and how can you entice them to choose you over other contractors? Financing options.

The first step is to know who your target audience is, what their preferences are, and where they consume information about home remodeling projects. If you are marketing to them correctly, you’ll pull in clients that respect what you offer and understand why you are of value to them.

A percentage of your work likely comes to you after you make a bid on a project. What are you doing to make your bid stand out from the others? It’s not always the lowest bidder that gets the job. If you come prepared with references, can prove you’ve earned a top rating with the Better Business Bureau, are licensed and insured, and you are friendly and answer every question they have – you should be a standout among the list of contractors.

Speaking of referrals, don’t be afraid to ask your clients to spread the word about your services. Give them incentive to do so by offering them a break on future work when they refer a new client to you. You be the judge of how much of a discount you want to give, but make sure it’s enough of a perk that they’ll feel you value their assistance.

Are you involved in your community? As an expert in home remodel, you can offer your services as a guest speaker for a group that wants to know more about how they can choose a quality contractor and what services end up providing the most value, as in re-sale value. Get in touch with your area Chamber of Commerce and become a member. You can offer your speaking services to chamber members. If there are professional trade associations in your region, join them and network with other professionals.

Optimize your website. You’re going to increase your visibility if your website is clean and runs efficiently. Furthermore, it must be optimized for mobile as most Americans are spending more time on the Internet using their mobile devices than they are on desktop computers. Update your website regularly with a blog about the topics that are trending in your industry. You can also consider an email marketing campaign to help push your brand message to potential clients.

Another important thing you can do to get more work is to offer financing options. There isn’t an industry out there today that doesn’t have financing options that work for the organizations within it. Your clients will expect financing options from you as well. Considering that some of your services will come at a high cost, your clients will appreciate the chance to make low monthly payments rather than one big lump sum payment.

The HELPcard is currently assisting other contractors with financing options, which means we can build a solution that works for you and your clients. Contact us today and let’s discuss a plan for you.