Using Financing to Boost Consumer Sales

What are You Doing to Improve Consumer Sales?

consumer salesIf you’re a brick-and-mortar shop waiting for the e-commerce trend to go away, it’s time to know that is not happening. While technology continues to evolve and advance, better e-commerce tools will go right along with them. If you’re looking for ways to compete and improve consumer sales, here are a few methods that can give your sales a boost:

Using Mobile Apps

A recent survey by TD Bank focused on how furniture retailers can get more traction in today’s e-commerce-centric climate. While the study looked in only one direction, there are some takeaways that could be applied to just about any retailer.

The study found that using mobile apps, even though that seems counter-intuitive for a brick-and-mortar store, can be advantageous. While the target market for you may not be one that utilizes apps at a steady rate, Millennials are working their way into that market and are use apps consistently. It makes sense to develop yours now and get to those consumers as they come on board with what you have to offer.

Using a Multi-Channel Approach

Any marketing effort, regardless of industry, can be improved by utilizing more than one channel to reach out to your target market. It wasn’t long ago that taking out a full-page ad in the local paper was the best form of alerting the public to your products. However, while that might still reach a portion of your target market, it’s severely limiting to rely on that alone.

Achieving more consumer sales involves utilizing email, traditional mail, social media and more hands-on approaches to getting the word out about your services. You can reach many people by creating a Facebook page and promoting your brand. The same can be said for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media platform where your target audience frequents.

Financing as a Promotion Tool

Consumers today do the bulk of their research online before they even go to the retailer. They generally know what they want, and today, most consumers want to do business with a retailer that offers consumer financing. In fact, for those consumers who rely on consumer financing to make purchases, they won’t even consider your shop if you’re not already offering it.

People want more control in how they spend their money, and consumer financing is a perfect fit for that need. Instead of throwing down a lot of money on one major purchase on the day they come to your shop, they can make low monthly payments.

Choose the Right Financier

Bringing in consumer financing to improve consumer sales only works if you partner with the right financier. They have to be willing to offer their services to people with a variety of credit levels.

At The HELPcard, we work with prime and near-prime consumers so you can improve your bottom line. Our application process is quick and easy. Regardless of the industry in which you work, we’re ready to customize a program that will benefit you and assist your target audience, enticing them to do business with you.

4 Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business, With Patient Financing at the Center

Start Growing Your Business With a New Marketing Strategy That Includes Patient Financing

patient financingWhether it’s finding new business to grow your practice or if you’re just getting started and need to fill your calendar with appointments, there are a number of ways to market your business. Patient financing is one of them, and more dentists and orthodontists are realizing the benefit of extending this option to patients.

Staffing Correctly

Your patients are more likely to remember the friendliness of your office staff than they are your expert dental work. If you hire people who know how to communicate and appreciate every patient while paying close attention to the smallest details, your patients will continue to come back. When you hire good employees, you’re also likely to have less turnover, which means less time and expense in training.

Going Social

Social media isn’t just for keeping up with friends and family, it’s also being used as a valuable marketing tool for business.

Start promoting your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – wherever your target audience is most active. Use these channels to talk about relevant issues affecting your industry today. Soon, you’ll build up a community of followers who look forward to your insights. On occasion, you can also use these channels to promote discounts or special events that will help you get more patients.

Community Involvement

Your target audience might see you in the Yellow Pages and they will see your sign in front of your business, but you need to get out and interact with the community so they get to know whom you really are. Volunteer at events, offer your services as a speaker for an upcoming Rotary Club meeting, sponsor a local sports team – get out there and meet the people. This is a great way to gain more business.

Patient Financing

Consumers today expect to be offered a line of credit wherever they spend money. It’s a customer-centric trend that organizations in practically every industry have followed in recent years. For those whose insurance doesn’t cover your services, or only a small portion of the service, they may need another option for payment.

When you offer patient financing, you’re giving them the option to make small monthly payments instead of trying to pay all at once. Many patients walk away from your office without getting the help they need simply because they can’t afford it. But with patient financing, you’re going to have more patients able to follow through with the treatment you recommend.

At The HELPcard, we work with professionals just like you to establish a customized financing solution that helps our clients grow their profits. Furthermore, patient financing can be used in your marketing outreach to pull in more patients. Contact us today and we’ll discuss how our financing programs work for you and for your patients.

Are Your Retail Strategies Personalized?

Retail Strategies That Include Personalization Will Bring in More Customers

retail strategiesConsumers have 24/7 access to goods and services today. They can still go to a brick and mortar shop, but they can also jump online at home and make a purchase on their computer, or they can shop on their smartphones or tablet computers while commuting to work. With so many ways to shop, retail strategies have to be robust.

To reach out to more prospective customers, you have to personalize your retail strategies. Marketers in just about every industry have embraced this as a fact of life now, and their strategies are proof of it. In fact, Gartner reports that companies that use personalization tactics will see their revenues increase up to 15 percent by 2018. So, how can you personalize the shopping experience for your customers?

In some ways, the best personalization comes via predicting what your target market wants. You start by finding out their preferences, and this involves digging into your data. By keeping track of their history with you, the path to what they’ll do in the future becomes clearer. Fortunately, when you lay out all the characteristics of your target audience, you can also predict the behaviors of that demographic, even if they haven’t shopped with you yet.

You can use software such as Microsoft Dynamics 35 or Adobe’s Marketing Cloud solution to assist in tracking the preferences of your customers. You can also get a better insight into customer behavior by doing your own research, such as mailing (snail mail or email) surveys to your customers to find out how they found out about you, how they researched your products, where you’re doing your best and where you could use some improvement.

Another way to personalize is to give your customers options, and not just options in your products. Consumes today want more flexibility in how they spend their money, which is why offering consumer financing is such a popular marketing tactic today. Consumers want to feel empowered, and consumer financing gives them that sense of buying power they might not have otherwise.

Another reason financing has become popular is that when you work with the right financier, you get paid up front and your financing company handles all the paperwork and billing.

Order size also tends to increase when you offer financing. If you want to reach a larger audience, choose a third party that will work with people who have A, B, and C level credit ratings.

At The HELPcard, we’ve built custom consumer financing programs for organizations in a number of industries, and we can do the same for you. If you’re ready to start offering a more personalized approach to doing business, then you need to include us in your retail strategies today.

Top Marketing Tips for Your Home Improvement Company Include Financing Options

financing options

Financing Options Provide the Catalyst for More Business

As the owner of a home improvement company, you are likely too busy to get involved in the marketing of your business on a regular basis. The same could probably be said with owners and operators of just about any type of company. However, there are a few tips you can implement that can help you further your marketing reach on a limited schedule. Furthermore, offering financing options is something that you can do that is managed by a third party – which means no time commitment is required.

Go Social

One of the best choices for marketing a business today is on social media platforms. However, in order for this channel to provide value, it has to be tackled with a strategic plan. Let’s take Facebook as an example. Rather than offering up run-of-the-mill status updates, get invested in features that can push your business.

Facebook has a tool called ads manager, which allows you to create ads in a simple, easy-to-develop format. It will actually guide you through how to create an ad that will impact your target audience. You can choose from many demographics, including gender, geographic location, interests, etc. This should be easy, as you already know who your target audience is and what attributes define them.

Use Reviews

The longer you’re in business, the more access you’ll have to client reviews that put you in the best light. You can spearhead a marketing campaign with positive reviews, especially in your SEO outreach. Positive reviews prove that you’re providing a service that positively affects your clients, which is something search engines want to see.

When you make good use of your positive reviews, you’ll see better rankings in search. It doesn’t hurt to ask your clients before they have a chance to leave a review to ask them what you can do to make sure the review they leave is a positive one. Your future clients want proof that you can do a great job, and reviews give them solid proof that you can.

Financing Options

Despite the effort you put into building ads, buying ad space, nailing your social media marketing and proving to future clients that your work is second to none, you still might not be able to land a certain percentage of your target market. They are sold on your abilities, but they may not be able to pay up front. This is where bringing financing options into the mix will make a huge difference in your bottom line.

When you partner with a third party to offer a financing program, you’re opening the doors to a new demographic. Rather than put down a large sum of money for your services, they have the option to make low monthly payments. This can be a make or break situation for many of your potential clients.

At The HELPcard, we have worked with businesses just like yours, setting up financing programs that are a custom fit for you and your customers. We also work with near prime consumers – that segment of the population that the big banks shun, which means your target demographic will be wider. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can build a program for you.

Do You Have Secondary Financing Options? Consider Consumer Financing

Why You Need Both Primary and Secondary Consumer Financing Options

financing optionsAre you looking to increase your sales? Many retailers are finding that when they have primary and secondary financing options, their ability to increase sales comes much easier. Many retailers have just stuck to their primary lenders for these financing solutions, but more and more, they’re finding that they only cater to consumers with excellent credit. This is where resourcing a secondary option comes in handy – not just for your bottom line, but for the improvement to customer satisfaction.

It’s a rather unsettling situation that consumers find themselves in: they are at the checkout counter and the clerk asks them if they want to apply for a line of credit. They answer “yes,” take the time to fill out the form and find out they don’t qualify because their credit scores are “too low.” This makes consumers wary of applying again, and could have a troubling impact on their perception of your company. However, there is a way to salvage this relationship, and it has to do with secondary financing.

The best consumer credit scores are often classified in the A range. Anything below perfection is downgraded to a B or C level. While primary lenders may deny credit to these consumers, they’re not always a risk. They are perfectly capable of living up to the terms of a financing contract, but they’re not given the chance to. When you partner with a financier that works with B and C level consumers, you’re putting yourself in a position to gain more business.

One of your top priorities as a retailer is to give your customers a great experience. You likely spend a lot of time and effort arranging products in the most attractive positions, training employees to be an excellent face of the company and bend over backwards to please consumers. Even if you have a strong brick and mortar presence, you also need to focus on online marketing and sales in an effort to pull in more business.

Not all consumers are going to have the finances to come in and make a big purchase and pay in full. When you offer consumer financing, you’re giving them the option to walk out with that product while they make low monthly payments.

When you work with the right financier, you’re going to get a quick and easy application process that won’t intimidate the consumer. It’s got to be free to apply, and it’s got to be a financier that will cater to all types of consumers, even the ones with less than perfect credit scores. This is the kind of flexibility consumers are looking for.

When you partner with The HELPcard, you’re getting everything you need to make your customers feel at ease and empowered. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we’ll customize a financing program for you.

Are You Looking for Marketing Trends to Help Bring Customers in the Door?

Top Marketing Trends for Building Your Customer Base

marketing trendsAre you grappling with how to compete with online stores? As a brick and mortar store today, one of the challenges you face is how to compete with stores who operate in the cloud. Fortunately, there are marketing trends that you can implement to help you stay in the game for consumer purchases.

Big companies that were once staples in every town have recently started making online sales more of their market and closing some local stores. Sears, JC Penney and book giant Barnes & Noble have less of a brick and mortar footprint today. However, you can actually use the Internet to build up your shop. For example, using social media marketing, you can entice more foot traffic to come through the doors of your store.

When it comes to social media marketing trends, you need to create quality content and share it with your target audience. You can become a thought leader in your industry by leveraging social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Are you encouraging your customers to provide feedback about their in-store experiences? Marketing trends in this area are showing great results. Reviews and testimonials are powerful tools because consumers really trust them to help inform them on their future purchases. You should take your best reviews and post them where others can see them – most likely on your social media sites. Also, if you receive a negative review, respond to it with tact and positivity. Poor management of negative reviews can sink a company, fast.

Have you considered consumer financing? Bringing in a third party to set up a financing program for your customers is an excellent way to bring growth to your operation. You can also market the fact that you offer financing.

Make sure you use a financier that will customize programs; every business is different and requires a solution that suits their exact needs. Choose a partner that offers dynamic, revolving lines of credit for just about any type of opportunity.

Also, make sure they cater to consumers with a variety of credit types. Most of the big bank lenders will only work with people with A credit. However, when you have a program that works with people who have A, B and C credit, you’re going to vastly improve your customer satisfaction.

At The HELPcard, we’ve got years of experience working with business owners in many industries. Our services have helped them to increase sales and grow their business. Our application process is quick and easy, which is one of the reasons so many consumers find our services to be quite the opposite of the hassle they get elsewhere when they apply for in-store credit. Our solutions also allow consumers to purchase additional products without reapplying. Contact us today and let’s get you started on a path to success.

How Can Patient Financing Garner Profit?

Patient Financing Leads to Improved Customer Service

offering patient financingDifferentiation from competition is what successful businesses strive for. With the healthcare industry, there is widespread belief that many dentists are all the same in what they offer. You can change that perception and stand out in a crowd by offering patient financing options to go beyond the typical choices that patients usually find.

Dentistry is a complex industry. Many years of education go into what you do, which means the average person/patient can’t be expected to fully understand the complexity of the procedures. To most patients, a filling is a filling, regardless of which experienced professional did the work. While you know there are differences, you may need to focus on other areas to grow your practice, beginning with improving customer service.

Customer service is one of the most important things that keep patients coming back. Business owners know that return service is a key to growth, which is why it’s important to keep patients coming back for regular appointments. So, how can you improve your customer service to keep them coming back and to help promote your practice so others will give you a try?

First and foremost, you know that many patients come in to your office nervous about their procedure, even the small stuff. However, you can relax them with aromatherapy, headphones that play soothing music and drown out the harsh noises, comfortable chairs – perhaps even massaging chairs. Some practices will even offer a hot towel treatment at the end of the procedure to make sure their post-appointment stress is at a minimum.

How much time do you spend educating your patients? Increasingly, people are becoming more invested in their health. Maybe it’s a product of the Internet and the increasing number of patient portals where they can review their exam notes. Whatever the reason, you need to take the time to educate them so they can make informed decisions about their health. The side effect is that they will have a better opinion of you and believe that you’re invested in their well-being.

Is your front office staff reaching out to them after their procedure? This not only helps you provide the best care possible to address any issue that might occur after they leave your office, it’s just another reminder to them that you care. It’s attention like this that makes them sing your praises to their friends and family.

Many Americans struggle with their medical bills. However, when you give them options when it comes to paying for your services, you’re exhibiting a customer-centric behavior that they will appreciate. For example, offering patient financing is a way that allows them to make low monthly payments without negatively affecting their checking account.

At The HELPcard, we’ve established programs for dentists just like you. When you extend patient financing to your clients, you’re going to see improved cash-on-hand and happier customers. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can set up a financing program for your patients.